Bats. They’re not just a fun Halloween decoration; they are pests and they are d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s! 

These critters love dark secluded areas like your attic and chimney. Like most pests, they can find their way into the home through unsealed cracks and crevices. Bats can carry many diseases harmful to humans, like rabies. The good news is that less than 10% of bats carry rabies, but you still don’t want these animals “hanging out” in your house! Bat droppings can grow fungi that cause a lung disease known as histoplasmosis. Their waste can attract cockroaches and can also cause your roof to cave in if the infestation goes unchecked for a long time. 

Bats have a tendency to bite when they feel threatened. It’s best not to disturb these critters if you catch them in your house. They live in colonies, so disturbing one bat may disturb the whole group. If you find a single bat in your home, it is very likely that it accidentally found its way in through a crack or crevice. There will be no infestation to worry about on this occasion. If you’re worried you may have a bat infestation, we offer free inspections and same day service. Fill out the form at the bottom of this blog to get yours scheduled! 

How do you know if you have bats?

Since bats are nocturnal, they’re mostly active at night while you’re getting your beauty sleep. They leave their roosts around dusk to feed on insects and return near dawn. 


  • Inspect your attic for signs of bat droppings (usually in a corner or on insulation). 
  • Urine stains on attic walls.
  • Smell of ammonia, caused by the bat excrement. 
  • Squeaking noises or scratching. 


Chimneys are a little more difficult to notice signs of bats. Your best bet will be to watch your chimney at dawn for bats leaving to go feed, or quietly listen for squeaking noises coming from the chimney around dawn or dusk.

Keeping Bats Out

The tricky part with controlling bats is that there are many laws protecting the species, so there is very little homeowners can do to get rid of them. Exclusion services are what most pest control companies offer to combat bats. Sealing cracks and crevices with caulk or steel wool, screening attic vents and chimney openings, and installing door sweeps are measures that can be taken to ensure bats don’t get inside. NOTE: It is dangerous for homeowners to try these exclusionary measures themselves without making sure bats are not already in the home at the time of sealing openings. Sealing while bats are actively in the house can cause the bats to find their way into parts of the home looking for a way out. 

As with most pests, it’s best to have a pest professional take care of your bat problem. If you’re not sure you have a pest problem but just want an inspection, we offer FREE inspections. Fill out our form below to get yours scheduled!