With the colder weather moving in, wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, bats, and snakes are looking for food and warmth to settle down for the winter. Though some wildlife may seem cute from a distance (maybe not snakes and bats), they can very quickly become problematic when YOUR home becomes THEIR home. Wildlife like these do not just find a place to rest their heads for the winter in your home. They will chew, gnaw, defecate, and wreak havoc on your attics and crawlspaces if they find their way inside. 

Wildlife, like squirrels and rats, post a major threat to electrical wires in the home. They can chew electrical wires that cause shorts in expensive appliances and even cause house fires. 

They carry disease, fleas, ticks, and can cause serious damage to the re-sale value of your home. 

We’ll discuss a few critters to look out for this winter and ways you can prevent them from finding their way indoors. 


Rat & mice infestations usually sky rocket in the winter months. Like most humans, these rodents don’t like to stay out in the cold if they can help it! They will find their way indoors to nest and search for food. They can tear up insulation and chew electrical wiring, costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. 


Seal up any cracks and crevices around your house that give these rodents free entry. 

Keep a clean house. Regularly wipe the counter tops and sweep for crumbs. 

Tidy up the yard. If you have wood piles, keep them away from the house or above ground. 


Squirrels are cute to look at, but they can quickly become a nuisance. These critters are known to gnaw through the exterior of the home to find their way indoors. Once they’re in, they destroy insulation with their nesting habits and chew through wires. 


Buy a chimney cap or screen to keep squirrels from entering through the chimney. 

Cut back overhanging branches that give squirrels easy access to your roof. 

Regularly tidy up the yard and do not give them a place to hang around near the house. 


Raccoons are a bit trickier to catch due to the fact they are active at night. They’re notorious garbage feeders, and love to snack on leftover pet food if left outdoors. If they find easy access to your crawlspace or home (pet door, open windows, etc.), they will invite themselves in and nest in the warmth. 


Properly seal garbage cans and do not leave pet food outdoors. 

Installing bright motion lights will sometimes scare these critters off. 

Seal up any obvious openings to your home like pet doors, crawlspaces, etc. 

Sometimes wildlife can still find their way indoors even if you’ve taken all of the preventative measures. If you’re concerned about wildlife activity anywhere in your home, call a pest/wildlife control company IMMEDIATELY. Most wildlife carry harmful diseases and can quickly destroy a home when left unchecked. 

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