Fleas are well known for their presence on our lovable dogs and cats, but they also feed on humans too! Fleas reproduce quickly with females laying 4-8 eggs after each blood meal, laying 400-500 in her lifetime. Fleas are great hitchhikers that can jump up to 6 inches. They have a unique life cycle that protects them from adverse conditions and pesticides. Controlling fleas can be extremely difficult and normally requires the help of a Pest Control Operator. Nova Pest Control will advocate on your behalf with a detailed program to ensure we protect you and your pets from these pesky blood feeders.

Cat Flea

Cat fleas are the most common domestic flea. Not only are they found on cats, they can also be found on foxes, oppossum, and sometimes rats. If your pet is excessively scratching, licking, or biting their skin, it is very possible that they have a flea infestation. 

Human Flea

Not only can fleas infect cats and dogs; they can also infect their owners! If you have a flea infestation, it is best to begin vaccuuming pet bedding, carpets, floors, and contact Nova-Pest to ensure extermination of the pests! 

Dog Flea

The dog flea very closely resembles the cat flea and is notrious for spreading Dipylidium caninum, a type of tapeworm that can infest dogs, cats, and their owners (especially children). 

Oriental Rat Flea

Oriental rat flea is one of the most notorious flea species for spreading the Bubonic Plague. It mostly infests wild rodents like rats and squirrels.