DIY Bed Bug Control – Is it Effective?

We get it – Why go through the trouble of scheduling a pest control professional to inspect your house when you can just grab a household product from the grocery store to solve your bed bug problem? 

While it may seem like the simple way, we can guarantee that it is NOT the safest nor the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug problem. 

In the long run, trying to eliminate a bed bug problem with a household product can actually be more costly than hiring a pest professional to do the work for you. Did we mention that you get a guaranteed 100% elimination of all bed bugs when you hire a professional? As you’ll read in this article, there are no household products (not even bed bug sprays) that will guarantee the removal of ALL bed bugs. 

At Nova Pest Control, you and your family’s safety is top priority. Before you buy the hazardous store bought bed bug sprays, allow us to come do a FREE inspection and give you an honest quote for bed bug treatments.


Vinegar is useful for many things in the house, even killing bed bugs! BUT- the time and amounts of vinegar it takes to eliminate a bedbug infestation is a bit disheartening. While vinegar will kill a majority of the bedbugs (only if they come in direct contact with it), the vinegar will NOT remove the entire infestation. Not to mention leaving your home smelling like vinegar! 


Bed bug spray can very well eliminate the bedbugs you SEE, but they are not so effective on bed bug eggs and bed bugs that may be hidden in your walls or carpet. While you may seem bed bug free for a few days, the problem will likely reappear once the eggs are hatched and the sneakier bedbugs come out from hiding. 

Our biggest concern with bed bug spray is this: Is it safe for the family? Our main goal at Nova Pest Control is keeping the family safe and keeping harmful products far away from your home. 

Health risks when using store bought bed bug spray: 

  • Increased Exposure
    • Any time you’re using a chemical spray, you have to re-apply the product over time, sometimes even over a few months. Not only does this put a dent in your pocket from the product cost; it also drastically increases the pesticide exposure to your family (and your belongings). 

Simply breathing in too much pesticide spray can result in: 

  • Skin irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Coughing
  • Breathing difficulty 


Foggers aren’t only ineffective on your bedbug problem; they are also harmful to your furniture. Any time you release a fogger to eliminate a pest, the residue falls onto any surface in the room and can be highly flammable. See more on the ineffectiveness of foggers: Ohio State University Fogger Research


Of course, there are home remedies that work to keep bedbugs from infesting your home. Washing clothes immediately after travel, not sitting your suitcase on a hotel floor, frequent carpet and mattress cleanings are all great ways to stop a bedbug in its tracks. 

These methods, however, do not solve the root of a bedbug problem and does not guarantee removal of ALL bed bugs. To keep your sanity and save you lots of time, contact Nova Pest Control today to eliminate your bedbug problem!