Termite Control

Termites cause more than a billion dollars in property damages every year. Their presence normally goes undetected until they have caused substantial amounts of damage.
Termites naturally break down plant and wood material. They travel through soil to any source of cellulose which they consume from the inside out. That’s why it is so important to stay protected even if you do not have any signs of termites. There are many species of termites that we commonly deal with, but in san antonio subterranean termites are the primary target with our siol and baiting programs. The professionals at Nova pest Control have been protecting families and their homes from termites for over 13 combined years.
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Subterranean Termite

These termites can cause the most damage of any other termite species. These pests can eat wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their damage, if not put under control, can cause structures collapse. Mud tubes on the exterior of your home is a sign of a termite infestation. 

Dry wood Termite

Dry wood termites can enter homes through exposed wood and already infected wood furniture. Damage from these pests can be costly, since they eat tunnels through wood beams and other objects. 

Damp wood Termite

These termites are most attracted to water-damaged wood caused from roof leaks or leaky drainpipes. These critters are most dangerous because they hollow out support beams. They do not leave a trace of how they entered the house, which makes these termites even more dangerous. 

Agricultural Termite

Luckily for you, agricultural termites prefer to live in grassy areas instead of the wooden structures of your home. These termites are typically harmless, but can become harmful to crops and turfgrass if they grow in large numbers. 

Formosan Termite

Formosan termites are one of the most destructive species of termites, and they usually enter homes through wood that touched soil or through mud tubes like Subterranean termites. They are attracted to moist wood and water-damaged wood. 



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