Are you seeing a spike in pests around your home this Summer? Don’t worry- you’re not alone! Many pests, like ants and mosquitoes, go into a form of hibernation during the Fall/Winter months. Once the warmer months start to roll back around, these pests come back with a vengeance! We hope this guide helps you keep the minor pest problems under control and save your home from an infestation. If you’re not sure a home remedy will save you, or if you’re worried you’re too late to stop the infestation, Nova Pest is proud to offer FREE inspections for your home or business!


We wish this “fish” lived in the water like all the others, but unfortunately this pest can find its way into your home during the warmer months. They typically go for more humid areas in the house like basements, attics, and bathrooms. Signs of silverfish are often tough to spot, but the pests are not too shy and can often be found climbing out from light fixtures and other small cracks. 

Here’s a list of precautionary measures to take to prevent a silverfish infestation: 

  • Fix leaky pipes and drains 
  • Declutter your home and throw away old cardboard boxes, newspapers, etc.
  • If you store winter clothes in your attic, keep them in a dry, sealed container. 
  • Frequently clean up branches and leaves from around your house to eliminate moist areas for the silverfish to live 



Is there anything worse than trying to enjoy a summer afternoon in your backyard, only to have it interrupted by a swarm of mosquitoes? Not only does a mosquito bite annoy you with itching and welting, these pests can also carry very dangerous diseases like Zika and Malaria.

Try these simple solutions to make your yard mosquito free: 

  • Monitor your yard for standing water like rain puddles, flowerpot saucers, buckets, etc. Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water, so it’s best to keep your yard free of stagnant water.
  • Seal any holes, cracks, or gaps around the house to keep mosquitoes from getting indoors. 
  • Citronella candles will provide a temporary fix to your mosquito problem. Use them in areas where you will be spending most of your time (porch, seating areas, etc.). 


Ants are especially difficult pests to control because of how small they are. They can fit through the smallest of cracks around your home, and infestations can quickly grow by the numbers if a food trail is left behind for other ants to follow. 

That’s why it is especially important to take these precautions to keep ants away from your house:

  • Like mosquitoes, sealing any holes, cracks, or gaps around your house will keep ants from getting indoors. 
  • Properly sealing windows and doors will give ants even less of a chance of finding their way inside. 
  • Properly disposing of food and drinks, especially sugary food/drinks, will keep ants out of your house and keep them from leaving a food trail for other ants to follow.