It seems like most pests die off in the winter time. The common summer pests like mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and roaches tend to be less active in the colder months. It’s important to note that although these pests seem to die off in the colder months, most of them are hibernating instead. Pest activity may be at a minimum, but there could be a growing infestation lurking in an unknown place like your attic, basement, etc. Allowing pests to hibernate in secluded areas of the home can quickly lead to a growing infestation that will hit your home when warmer weather comes. 

Nova Pest Control takes time during the colder months to make sure your home is pest-proof and infestation free to save you from spending large amounts on extensive pest treatments. Our prevention and pest barrier services will not only get rid of winter intruders, but will also greatly decrease the chance of spring/summer infestations. In this post, we’ll discuss what problems to look out for this winter and ways that we can help keep the holidays stress-free to give you time to focus on what really matters: family. 

Pests tend to get sneaker in the colder months. Winter comes down to survival for pests, and your home makes for the perfect shelter to hibernate and wait out the cold season. Certain species of ants, like carpenter ants, will take shelter in attics to survive the winter. When ants are hiding out in your attic without your knowledge, this makes for use of extensive pest treatments to remove the infestation. It’s critical to get full attic treatments from a pest professional to keep these less frequently visited areas of the home pest-free. We make regular visits to monitor any pest activity occurring in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. This is what we call monitoring. 

Hibernating pests aren’t the only worries for the colder months. Rats and spiders tend to be more active in colder months. Rats can find their way in through attics, crawlspaces, and basements if they are not properly sealed from the outside. This is where our pest control term prevention comes in. Prevention is our way of servicing your home to prevent unwanted pests and wildlife form entering. This can look like updating window seals, replacing door weather stripping, and inspecting the home for indoor/outdoor areas of entry. If we find an entry point, we will seal the gap and treat any pests that may have already found their way into the home. 

As you can see, winter time is not a time to rest on pests. This season is our time to prepare your home for the popular spring/summer time pest activity, and protect it from unwanted wildlife that can creep indoors for shelter. If you’re not ready to hire a pest professional to service your home, we offer FREE inspections. One of our service technicians will visit your home to give you a rundown of any problem areas and ways we can offer to treat them. To schedule yours, fill out the form below!