It’s time to start making your resolutions for 2021! Whether you believe in the power of new years resolutions or not, there is one resolution you can make that will save you lots of money and stress in the coming year. Most resolutions revolve around making healthier lifestyle choices, smarter financial decisions, and living a more fulfilling life. Our resolution for you is designed to save you from the stress of expensive home repairs from lack of pest inspections. There’s nothing worse than unexpected expenses, especially large ones that pests like termites can cause. The average homeowner will spend around $3,000 to repair termite damage. Now is the time to act and prevent pests like termites from spending your vacation fund.


Let’s take a quick look at what pest prevention is. Pest prevention is the steps you take to prevent pest infestations and keep your home pest-free in 2021. Most pest control companies offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services to make sure your home remains free of a pest infestation. These pest professionals will visit your home/business and work with exclusionary services, barrier protection, baiting, monitoring, crack and crevice treatments, and more. 

As most pest control treatments, there are the DIY methods that will keep some pests at bay. While we don’t recommend using store bought pest treatments that exude harmful toxins, we do urge homeowners to take preventative measures that will stop pests in their tracks. 

Here are some preventative measures you can take to keep 2021 pest free: 


Always say NO to cardboard boxes. Spend the extra money on plastic, tight sealing containers to store your holiday decorations. Mice and roaches are attracted to the cardboard and the glue used in cardboard boxes. These boxes become a pest buffet when stored away for long periods of time. 


Most ant, roach, and mice problems we see in a house can be traced back to the kitchen. If countertops and floors go too long without being cleaned, the mess will very easily attract unwanted pests to your home. We recommend cleaning and wiping down surfaces after every meal. Regularly taking the trash out and sweeping/mopping will also decrease your chances of an infestation. 



Time to seal! Sealing your home does a great deal for pest prevention. This is what we call exclusion in the pest world. Inspect your home, inside and out, for ways that pests can easily enter. The most common entry areas we see are around doors, windows, attics, and basements. Install door sweeps, replace weather stripping, and caulking will prevent future pests from entering this year. 



There’s more to a clean yard than curb appeal. Regularly raking and picking up yard debris is a great way to prevent pests from being attracted to your home. Storing firewood away from the house and cutting overhanging limbs will keep problematic wildlife, like squirrels and snakes, away during the colder months. 

Pest-proofing your home may feel like a hassle, but we promise it will pay off. If you have any questions or concern about a current pest infestation, please give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule a FREE inspection.