Termite season, for most states, begins in the spring and lasts through the summer. Does this mean that termites leave your house and die off in the winter time? Absolutely not. Termites still remain active in the winter months, but their activity greatly decreases compared to warmer months. Queens lay eggs year round, but the number of eggs produced is to a minimum during winter time. However, if a termite colony is residing in your home, odds are their activity has not changed much since they are not being exposed to harsh cold weather. The walls and foundation of your home are enough to keep these termites active year round, munching away at the foundation of your home. 


Termites begin swarming in February and will continue swarming until late summer. Swarmers often leave behind small wings that notify you of their presence. Most swarmers are seen on warmer days just after a good rainfall. Others are seen mostly at night. Termite signs can be hard to catch if you’re not sure what to look for. Our team of pest professionals can inspect your home for current and previous termite damage, then set you up with a plan to eliminate the current infestation and prevent future ones. 

It’s also important to note that there are multiple species of termites. Pest professionals know how to identify which species is in your home/business and the proper treatment for that species. 

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Termites can leave behind many signs to let you know they’re present. Unfortunately, copious amounts of damage has most likely been done to your home if you can see physical signs of the damage. Here are some common signs associated with termite damage: 

  • Loose tiles
  • Damaged wood
  • Peeling paint
  • Knocking noise inside walls
  • Hard to open doors and windows

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 Termites can be one of the most costly pests to deal with in your home or business.  If a colony grows without any type of control to combat the pests, the damage could cost tens of thousands of dollars! 

Termites can already be in your home for an extended amount of time without your house ever showing signs of termite damage.


 FACT: The average home owner spends $3,000 to repair termite damage. 

 Although unchecked termite damage may cost you, Nova Pest Control can come in to assess the damage and create a customized plan unique to your situation to eliminate the pest.


 Don’t think you have termites but want to play it safe? 

Nova Pest Control offers yearly termite inspections to keep your home termite-free! 

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