With Father’s day quickly approaching, we thought it would be interesting to pay tribute to some of the Dad’s of the insect world. Typically, most of the nurturing comes from mom, but in some cases these bug dad’s take paternal responsibility seriously & we really can’t help but respect and appreciate that. We still stand firm in keeping them out of your home, but somehow these dad’s still have a VERY tiny place in our hearts…maybe.

Water Bugs

This is the most interesting example as the traditional mom/dad roles are reversed. Mom is actively searching for new mates to reproduce with while dad is rearing the young. Female water bugs lay their eggs on the backs of the males, leaving them entirely responsible for the eggs until they hatch. Dad can mate with as many females as he wants and the eggs are just piled on until he runs out of space. Based on research, this proved beneficial for Dad because females are more attracted and prefer to lay eggs on the back of a male who already has eggs. These are the most dedicated fathers in the bug world.

Lethrus Apterus Beetles

While Mom stays below ground caring for the young, Dad stands guard at the mouth of the tunnel prepared to protect against any intruders. These Dad’s sole purpose is to protect their family, leaving them almost always victorious because they have so much to lose. These beetles are well known for successfully defending their turf against smaller and also larger intruders. Super Beetle Dad for the win. 

Burying Beetles

These beetles have a very elaborate and well known bi-parental care system. Together, mom and dad beetle will bury a small vertebrate corpse into the ground and then rear their babies inside of the corpse, feeding the entire family with the meat. The Beetle Dad’s are well known for defending their family against any other intruders or rival beetles. Again, we see that Fatherhood seems to be a good look for this species. These Dad’s tend to have a higher emission level of sex pheromones making them more attractive to female beetles ready to reproduce. 

There are many more captivating Dad’s in the bug world, but these deserve a salute all to themselves. What more can we ask from our Bug Dad’s but to be nurturing, caring, protective & willing to make any sacrifice necessary for his brood?


We would like to express our gratitude to all of the Dad’s out there loving and protecting their families. You are so appreciated for your efforts and your devotion to your family is admirable. You might not carry eggs on your back, or bury your offspring in a corpse for survival, or even engage in battle at the mouth of a tunnel. But you do so much and we recognize that Dad. So, Happy Father’s day to you. May your day be filled with love, laughter, and your favorite beverage. Oh! And a pest free home!