Did you know that you could be allergic to cockroaches? Not just disgusted or terrified, we mean really allergic. Exposure to roaches can trigger asthma attacks and allergies. Not just living cockroaches, but also the dead ones. The body parts, waste & saliva of cockroaches are an allergen. The allergens from the cockroaches act similar to dust mites. It is even said that exposure for preschool aged children can actually cause asthma to develop. When you experience allergies or asthma from Cockroaches, the symptoms are similar to your seasonal allergies and everyday asthma. With just the allergies you may experience sneezing, runny nose, itchy/red/watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy nose/throat/ears, postnasal drip, reoccurring sinus infections, ear infections, cough, itchy skin or rash. With the allergen induced asthma you may have difficulty breathing, chest pain or tightness, and even a whistling and wheezing sound when you take a deep breath. There are many ways for you to determine wether or not you have a cockroach allergy with your primary care doctor. Our job is to help prevent them from taking over your sacred space at home. If we can keep them out, we can protect you and your family. 

There are some important things that you can do to prevent cockroaches from setting up shop in your home. 

  • Trash cans with lids would be a really great starting point.
  • Keeping food in airtight containers and also putting food away in a timely manner. Anything you leave out over night becomes a potential feast. Including your pet food!
  • Keep your sink clear of dirty dishes as much as possible. Warm, wet, gross. It’s what they love. 
  • You can also make sure to keep any food particles or even spilled drink off of the floors. 
  • If you have any leaky pipes under the sink, get those fixed because the damp dark places are where the roaches love to be. 
  • Another important thing is making sure to seal up any cracks in the walls or gaps in doors or windows so that they don’t have a way in. 
  • Pay attention to your pets when they come inside as some cockroaches like to hitch a ride. Once they are in, they are laying eggs and making your house their home. 
  • If you are bringing in any used or thrifted items into your home, including furniture, check it thoroughly before taking it inside. 
  • Avoid having piles of anything. Piles of clothes, piles of toys, piles of trash. Just clean up the piles as best you can.
  • Call us and set up an appointment! 


Nova Pest Control can maintain a pest barrier around your home and property. We also will take care of baiting and monitoring any potential or already present cockroach infestations. We can even handle the tough to reach places where the pesky cockroaches love to hide. Keeping your pest control up to date and reoccurring is the most important thing you can do to keep cockroaches out of your home and away from your family.