It’s August in Texas and we think we are all feeling the heat. With heat comes more pests. This month and leading into September we will see a lot more activity from some of the most pesky pests. Let’s talk about what we will be seeing more of, what they love the most, and how we can keep them away. 

Here are a handful of the most common pests that thrive in the summertime:


Whether they be German, American or Asian, we will be seeing a lot of these guys. They are extremely attracted to rotting food. The hotter it is, the more potent the smell of garbage and rotten scraps. They are also attracted to pet food and excess moisture. The summer showers create an ideal living and breeding environment for these roaches. For starters, keeping trash in closed bags and covered cans will keep roaches out of your home. Another helpful tip to deter infestation is to keep your pets meals on a schedule so that they are eating their food immediately and it isn’t sitting out and attracting pests. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about the excess moisture, except for keeping current on your pest control! Cardboard and paper also attract cockroaches. Making sure that you keep your recyclables in the bin and not in piles around your house and property will also cut down on infestation. Remember, cockroaches are cause for asthma and allergies in adults and children. Keeping them out of your home and deterring them from your property is important for everyone’s best health.

Crickets, Spiders & Wasps OH MY!

Coming into late summer we will notice many of these pests more and more. You will see a lot more black crickets and some people even report seeing these crickets in hoards and by the thousands. They tend to gather around lights and near light colored buildings, so keep an eye out for the hoards of black crickets. Early summer we heave to deal more with male spiders roaming around and looking for a mate. By late summer you will see more webs with egg sacks. This means mama spiders are more aggressive, especially brown recluse and black widow mamas. During this time there are also more wasps, most often spider wasps, also knows as mud daubers. You might see them near water and also around bare ground gathering mud. These wasps aren’t typically aggressive unless they are in danger. They are also helpful in controlling the spider populations. There are also other wasps, know as the cicada killers and they are larger and everywhere. They do tend to burrow into the ground, which can be damaging to lawns, but overall are not aggressive. These types of wasps are known as Solitary wasps. The only real plan you should have in place to prevent and protect from these pests, is just making sure to have quarterly inspection and treatment and remember to call us if you notice anything out of the ordinary or bothersome. 


Summertime is still an amazing time. Just keep working with us to prevent infestations! Call us today to schedule an inspection or to have us come out and start treatment!