Winter Pest Control

The fall season has been fun, but winter will be here before you know it! To celebrate thoughts of cool weather and holiday seasons, we wanted to encourage you to starting preparing now for the pests that hang around for the cold and the ones we notice an increase of infestation. We have included some tips and tricks for you to prevent infestation, but always remember to keep your service up to date to prevent issues from getting out of control. Here are some pests to look out for this upcoming season:


When we see them, we typically scream and look for the highest place in the room to retreat. You guessed it: Rats and mice. As they begin to seek shelter from the chilly weather you may notice food bags and boxes that appear to be nibbled open and bits of food spread around in a messy manner. You may also notice droppings. There are so many ways they sneak into our homes, but there are just as many ways to try to keep them out. One way is by making sure any small or typically undetected entry points are sealed and closed off. Keeping  any and all food stored in air tight containers that cannot be penetrated. The main threats that mice and rats pose to us are illness and bacteria through their feces and their bites. Exposure can spread serious diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis. Bites can transfer rat bite fever or infection. Rats and Mice can also cause extensive damage to your home. They are known to nibble on things such as wires, PVC piping, furniture, bricks, and anything made from wood. Rodents have also been known to start house fires from biting through electrical wires.


Cockroaches have a special place in our heart. Not really. Infestations start with one roach finding it’s way indoors, then you are overrun before you know it. While you are warming up inside, be cautious of the firewood that you are bringing in as cockroaches love to hitch rides indoors through firewood. They also find their way in through the smallest open spaces. These guys have such a capability for evolution, making them very challenging to get a handle on once the infestation starts. Remember to keep food covered and put away properly, keep trash in a covered bin, and eliminate piles of clutter. 


Termites may not disappear completely like we would hope, but they do slow down a great deal. They still continue on their life path of destruction by keeping warm near the structure the inhabit. Remember to keep an eye out for the major signs that the termites are invading your space. You may notice small holes in the drywall or mud tunnels and bubbling or small signs of staining that look like water damage. Termites are something we all should be staying proactive about, even in the cold weather.


There are many beautiful things to enjoy about the Winter time. We know how important family time is as holidays approach and we don’t need unnecessary interruption from pests. Call us today for inspection and treatment.