As the season changes, like it does every year, we are excited to enjoy many of our favorite activities and enjoy time spent with family and friends! We are planning parties, cookouts, family gatherings, and more. With the warmth comes more activity for our pesky friends in nature. We want to prepare you and also give you time to plan for protection against some of what the warmer weather brings. 

When you mix the warmth with the moisture, you end up with a variety of emerging pests. The bees and the wasps that have been dormant come back out to play. Termites begin swarming. As the rain increases you may even see ants and roaches indoors. Spring is also mating season for many pests. Luckily, most of the activity that we see will be outside BUT we want to ensure that is where it stays! Anything threatening and invasive we want to eliminate  to protect your home and property from any damages that termites, ants, and more could cause. Let’s talk about a few main pests that we will start to see and what can be done to lessen the troubles that they bring.


Bees & Wasps

They are looking for places to build nests, which is all fine and well. The problem occurs when they are nesting underneath a rocking chair on your front porch and someone gets a nice sting when they were looking for a relaxing moment. If you notice any nests in the early stages, don’t attempt DIY removal! Stinging insects come for the attack when they feel threatened. Keep a look out in a lot of the common nesting spots like the sides of buildings, under outdoor tables and chairs, around your porch, and even in corners of your garage and shed or any type of outbuilding. 



These guys are way more active in the spring than they are in colder months. They are looking for areas to grow their colony, even in your home. If you are noticing them indoors, it’s because they are in search of food and moisture. If the rain is excessive, they may just be seeking higher ground for their colony. It goes without saying to make sure that any and all food is kept in air tight containers and out of reach of pests, but if that’s not enough, then call us so that we can get to the root of the problem for you!



This is by far one of the worst pests in the way of viruses and disease. These guys carry way too many things that we don’t want for ourselves or our family. Not to mention how annoying it is to try to enjoy some time outdoors, just to be bitten every 3 seconds. They only need a temperature of 50 degrees to thrive! Their eggs can remain suspended in water until temperatures rise again and they are extremely invasive. Make sure that you have no standing moisture in or around your home. Turn over any outdoor toys, furniture, coolers, or any other place that moisture can gather. Also, make sure that your yard has sufficient drainage. Treating for mosquitoes and cutting down on the breeding will make your springtime fun a lot more enjoyable!


We hope that you enjoy the coming time of year as much as we do! Call us today to schedule inspections and preventative services!