Mice and Rats not only damage and destroy materials by gnawing but they are also important as vectors of disease. They are prolific breeders and are very wary of objects placed in their environment making them difficult to control. Nova Pest Control is committed to identifying signs of infestation through inspection and the integrated pest management system to control and remove rodents from your home or business.

House Mouse

House mice are usually brown or gray in color with white bellies. Although house mice don’t usually bite humans, they do transmit diseases and can cause food poisoning through droppings and urine. 

Deer Mouse

Deer mice are most commonly found in houses with lots of vegetation and rocks or firewood in the yard. Deer mice build nests inside of mattresses and furniture. 

Norway Rat

Norway rats are more of a pest than your typical house mouse. They gnaw away parts of your home and love digging burrows in gardens and shrubs. These pests love to chew away at wires, food, and foundations. 

Roof Rat

Roof rats live up to their name by entering homes through power lines or tree branches. Since they typically enter through the roof, they can cause serious damage to insulation, wires, and furniture.